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Go Slow and Grow Things

Consider going against the grain and nurturing what is most important.

A common refrain in the tech world is, “go fast and break things.”

And it seems this mantra is widely accepted as sound business advice. Who wouldn’t want to go fast, to get there sooner, or to see “hockey stick” growth?

After all, that is what makes for the splashy funding rounds, exciting social media posts, and magazine cover stories.

Contrary to the popular storyline is another option. A sustainable one: Go slow and grow things.

Counter to hyper-growth is mindful growth.

Counter to go fast is to go calmly.

Counter to break things is develop things.

What if we add features thoughtfully, explore with curiosity, enjoy the journey rather than burning out with shortcuts.

Millions of passionate professionals are creating something special in near anonymity. Without huge followings, record-setting rounds, or endless press appearances, they are changing the world in a positive way.

We can make a product, offer a service, and fill a need without going fast. We can certainly do it without breaking things.

Go slow and grow things.

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