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Everything About Everything

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As leaders, we cannot know everything about everything. Nor should we.
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One of the greatest parts of my job is the opportunity to connect with special entrepreneurs who have cracked the code on something great.

They each have their own story, their own passion, their own reason for being in existence.

When I meet them, they are often at the point where they’re trying to find the missing piece, the next “thing”, the part of the formula to go to the next level.

It is inspiring to me because they come to me with products, services, and ideas that I may know nothing about. But together, we can identify the missing piece and move them forward. My job is to know how to get them over the hurdle – not to know everything that they know.

It is easy to fall into the trap as leaders or entrepreneurs that we need to know everything about everything. We don’t.

We need to know who to turn to when we need help. We need to be willing to ask for assistance. We need to be open to new ideas. We need to know that we don’t know everything about everything. Nor should we.

Our job is to know our strengths and cast the vision.

If we’re doing everything about everything, then we’re not leading. We’re busy doing everything else.

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