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Where are we building trust

I recently purchased a license for some online software. It was really on a whim. After reading the reviews, one thing over-shadowed the actual software: the lessons. 

Over and over, the customers cited the creator’s email lessons as the best part of the product – and it’s not even part of “the product”! It’s an onboarding campaign.

At least in marketing terms.

In another instance, I receive a weekly email from a tax advisor from out of state. I don’t know how I ended up on his mailing list, but I stay on it because his advice is so practical and well presented, that he has become a trusted source of information.

These leaders are sharing their expertise. They are building trust and not asking for anything in return. They tackle common misconceptions, answer questions their customers have, provide advice.

Filling the bucket, drip by drip.

Little by little. 

Email by email.

Where can we show up offer our expertise? How can we deliver consistent helpful advice? What is the bucket and how are we filling it?

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