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Don’t Wait Until You’re Perfect to Start

I am on sabbatical this month, so I am re-sharing content I’ve posted elsewhere on the internet. I hope you enjoy it!

A GPS system requires two points to be of any help: a destination and starting point.

Too often, we try to game our starting point before starting the journey.

It makes no sense to get in shape before you join a gym. Or getting out of debt before seeing a financial advisor. Or cleaning your teeth before seeing a dentist.

Not only are we shortchanging ourselves, but we are often delaying meaningful progress.

Instead, give yourself the latitude to move forward without being perfect. Admit that your starting point is not ideal, nor is it perfect. But it is not the end of the process. Realize the journey starts with a step. Not the perfect step.

The truth is, waiting for perfection before we start is a never-ending cycle of delay, deception, and disappointment.

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