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Don’t Build Your Castle In Another Man’s Kingdom

Online, it is easy to chase the latest platform. For brands, it is especially easy to drop everything to explore uncharted territory to be the first to market.

This exploration, however, often causes brands to abandon their previous outposts in search of a new promised land.

[bctt tweet “Social media platforms are outposts. Use them to reach new lands, new markets, and new followers.”]

Worse still, is building your entire castle where an outpost ought to be. An outpost is a listening station; used to observe and report back to the main castle. Outposts can be won and lost in the changing tides of war.

Castles are controlled and owned for generations.

Social media platforms are outposts. Use them to reach new lands, new markets, and new followers.

Your website is your castle. It is always the hub, the center of all you do. It is the only plot of the internet you own and remains immune from the changing tides of war.

About the Daily Marketing Minute

The Daily Marketing Minute is my project for the last quarter of 2014. Each day, I will deliver bite-sized, fat-free nuggets of sales and marketing insights.

In an increasingly noisy sales and marketing world, it is easy to lose track of why you do what you do. Ultimately, I believe that relationships will transcend the daily grind we face in sales and marketing. Every day, I’ll share insights and tips to grow your business and connect with your customers in a better (and more human) way.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me.


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