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Cultivate a Culture of Compassion

Compassion is seeing a long face and genuinely asking what’s wrong.

Compassion is seeing another struggle and offering to help.

Compassion is knowing the news will be bad, but asking anyway.

Compassion is the essence of care and concern and being willing to help when possible.

Compassion is digging deeper than the glossy surface. It is seeking to learn more, even if it will be unfavorable for you. It is getting out of your own safety and security to help another in a bad situation. It is inconvenient. It is easy to pass over and ignore. It takes intentionality.

But the payoff is without measure. The impact you have on the other person will spread like a wildfire and not soon forgotten. It sparks a change that alters the trajectory of their day, life, or career.

It also makes you human. Compassion, in fact, is one of the truest expressions of humanity.

It also makes you vulnerable. And when we are vulnerable, we are approachable. And when we are approachable, we are effective leaders.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

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