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Crisis Communication Principles

As far as crisis communications go during a time like this, there are a few essentials to remember:

  1. Always rely on credible sources. Whether looking for or providing information, be sure you have information that makes you more trusted.
  2. Be honest. It’s okay to be vulnerable in this time; people will understand. Honesty will help keep rumors to a minimum and build a sense of sympathy with and from your audience.
  3. Make recommendations that matter. People need reassurance and they need to be kept from more harm. Reliable information and meaningful action can help them from doing more damage.
  4. Use experts to share information. The last thing people need is an amateur mouthing off like they know everything. Let the adults in the room do their thing.
  5. Consistency of messaging. If multiple spokespeople are saying different things, it’s going to hurt your plan. Keep the messaging simple and consistent.

Thank you, Scott Monty

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