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Content Overload

More, more, more! The danger of our content creation and consumption

Content creation is more than a trending topic in the marketing world. It has become increasingly necessary to stand out and a way in which to measure the reach or success of a brand.

Not only is there an expectation of creating content, but also consuming content. Masquerading as “staying up to date”, we over-consume insane amounts of information published by others.

And it comes with a concerning drawback.


For content creators – entrepreneurs like you and me – the never ending drumbeat of creating content often transitions from a project of passion to a source of stress; or even deterioration in our mental health.

From writing blogs, publishing podcasts, recording videos, or scheduling social media posts, creating content can quickly overshadow the *why* in our business.

If this is you, I encourage you to step back and regain balance. Refocus on your *why*. Cut back on the content. Set boundaries for why you can reasonably commit to.

You cannot pour out to your audience from a dry cup.

All the best,


PS. I’ll be exploring this topic more in the coming weeks, if you’d like to be a part of the conversation, let me know. 

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