My passion is helping other entrepreneurs, business owners, and experts gain clarity and direction for their organization.

If you don’t have a clear process for setting client expectations early, getting paid what you’re worth, or proving your value, I want to help you. If you are feeling overwhelmed with options or the technology available to you, I want to help you. If you are frustrated with stagnant growth or wondering where you should be investing your marketing dollars, I want to help you.

Areas I Commonly Help With:

  • Creating a Strategy (Inbound, Marketing, Business)
  • Clarifying Tactics vs Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • eCommerce
  • Maximizing Your Marketing Budget
  • Measuring ROI
  • Finding, Converting, and Retaining Clients
  • Growing your Freelance or Coaching Business

If you are struggling in one or more of these areas, we can schedule an introductory call or you can schedule a consulting session:


hello (at) shaunnestor (dot) com

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What Others Have Said

Shaun was very well spoken and extremely prepared for our call to ensure time was spent efficiently. I was very confident with his advice given in our 30 minute chat – implementing what I could straight away. It’s refreshing to talk to someone who gets this industry with my best interests in mind. Will definitely schedule a follow up and stay in touch. Thanks Shaun!

Louise Dwyer

Shaun was very knowledgeable and very helpful – especially given that we only spoke for action-packed minutes. If you’re looking to optimize your paid acquisition efforts, Shaun is well worth a conversation.

Erik Bjornard

Shaun was on point. Very succinct, useful advice.

Russ Krieger

In just 15 minutes, Shaun was able to dissect my business and identify the lowest hanging fruit for improvement that required very little work on my part but will hopefully pay huge dividends with my lead generation efforts. Very much recommended!

Janet Chang

Shawn is a great teacher, he listens, finds solutions and works very hard to produce the results you need.

Nan Gehlen

Shaun was helpful and willing to share insights that help cut the learning time in half.

Robert Rankin

I suspect the value I got out of this call will be measured in the millions. Shaun is quick and knowledgeable. He had the answer to every question I asked. I now have an actionable plan for building my brand.

Daniel Rice

My call with Shaun was nothing short of excellent. He provided me with specific, powerful insights that will empower me to make some critical decisions effectively for my business. Decisions that I may have screwed up if it wasn’t for his advice.

Great guy, great values, with a genuine desire to help people. I definitely recommend you book a call with Shaun. Am looking forward to our next call! 🙂

Dave Eddy

I do like Shaun. He is very Candid and a good Listener!!!

Chibuzor Mbakwe

Shaun Nestor has a way of being simultaneously inspirational and educational. Shaun organizes the priorities in such a way for any one to “get it”. With a low spin approach, he offers insights for how to position a business for maximum gain online. Shaun should be a top consideration for any business whether large or small.


Shaun provided valuable advice from different perspectives on our situation, and helped to clarify a few questions we had. Will definitely recommend.

Tayo Ademolu

Shaun was instrumental in helping me in structure agreements with my clients.

Janet Chang

Shaun is one of the best out there, and has very practical and meaningful insights for small businesses and professionals. He knows how to make a giant impact with minimal resources, and is a leader in educating his clients. His talents and abilities go far beyond his work; his mission is to help others achieve success while creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. Its always a pleasure to work with Shaun!

Mandi Atkins

Really helpful and good advice. Will call back in the future. Thanks

Elliot Taylor

If you need a social media and marketing expert….Shaun is your guy!

Linda Stockton

Clear, helpful advice – many thanks Shaun!

Richard Alderson

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