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Cautionary Advice about Facebook’s Paid Online Event feature

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out a “paid online event” feature. They bill it as a way for small businesses or solopreneurs to easily generate revenue on their events in an all-in-one place.

I implore you, don’t give Facebook more of your data. Use literally any other paid-event solution. I have a short list (below) that I will happily recommend to someone – I’ll even help piece together the right combination of tools for your unique situation.

Just don’t continue to build your brand’s dependency on Facebook. And don’t give them more of your data.

If you want to host paid events or get paid for your time (consultants and coaches, for example), look at any of the following:

They will offer a more private, secure way of hosting your information while reducing your business’s dependency on a company known for violating privacy and data access.

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