Beyond Your Why

Finding the alignment in different perspectives will lead to a stronger team Simon Sinek popularized the concept of identifying the Why – the internal motivation that drives you and defines your purpose. But what about your team? How do they respond to your Why? It… Read More »Beyond Your Why

Drip by drip

Where are we building trust I recently purchased a license for some online software. It was really on a whim. After reading the reviews, one thing over-shadowed the actual software: the lessons.  Over and over, the customers cited the creator’s email lessons as the best… Read More »Drip by drip


Freedom comes at a cost, but so does a lack of freedom Today, we celebrate America’s 245th anniversary of freedom. One of the most incredible social experiments ever conducted continues to be a beacon of hope for many. Freedom comes at a cost, I think… Read More »Freedom

I Don’t Know

Admitting you don’t know is not admitting weakness As leaders, it can be difficult to admit when we don’t know something. Somewhere, it became truth that a leader must know everything about everything. What a fallacy. Still, there is a pressure that we as leaders… Read More »I Don’t Know