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Drip by drip

Where are we building trust I recently purchased a license for some online software. It was really on a whim. After reading the reviews, one thing over-shadowed the actual software: the lessons.  Over and over, the customers cited the creator’s email lessons as the best… Read More »Drip by drip


Freedom comes at a cost, but so does a lack of freedom Today, we celebrate America’s 245th anniversary of freedom. One of the most incredible social experiments ever conducted continues to be a beacon of hope for many. Freedom comes at a cost, I think… Read More »Freedom

I Don’t Know

Admitting you don’t know is not admitting weakness As leaders, it can be difficult to admit when we don’t know something. Somewhere, it became truth that a leader must know everything about everything. What a fallacy. Still, there is a pressure that we as leaders… Read More »I Don’t Know