Get business advice … your questions answered quickly

Sometimes you just need a second opinion. Someone to quickly bounce an idea off of or get some insight. While my business consulting program is designed for on-going business help, I offer business and marketing advice on demand, as well.

Make faster and better decisions knowing you have someone with experience to call upon.

This Service includes…

Marketing and business advice on demand. You pick the time, date, and duration of our call – then we spend as much time as necessary addressing your questions.

This Service is for you if…

If you just have a couple of business & marketing questions to get help with.

To respect your time and money, I tend to keep salutations brief and answers succinct. Each call is billed by the minute and generally lasts 15-20 minutes. To get the most out of our time, it is best to have a note-taking device ready and several prepared questions.


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