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Burger King UK hands over Instagram account to local restaurants

A Whopper of a deal

The marketing department at Burger King has shown – again (here, here, here, and here) that they are not afraid of trying new things. This week, they used their massive social media presence to encourage hungry patrons to not go to their local BK. Instead, they appealed to users to support local restaurants ravaged by COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions.

Burger King has stepped up to the plate by serving its Instagram account to local restaurants on a platter, proving that the restaurant industry can work together when the chips are down.

Open to small businesses across the UK the offer will provide eateries with free social media advertising until they can reopen, providing a much-needed source of traffic at a time when many parts of the country are still in the grips of lockdown.

Explaining its act of generosity Burger King posted a tweet to its patrons saying “They need you more than ever!’, before exhorting everyone not to forget their local restaurant the next time hunger pangs.

The Drum

Even if you don’t have 36K followers on your Instagram account, please use this spark of generosity to consider how you can support local. Some ideas:

  • Highlight a complimentary business

  • Partner with a friendly competitor to create a bundle product

  • Interview one another on each others blog/newsletter/podcast/social media

  • Leave online reviews for local businesses

  • [ your creativity here ]

Let’s make this a thing. What is one thing you can do to help a local business?

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