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Consistently publishing original, quality content on your website has two huge benefits. First, it excites search engines. It shows them that you are well-versed in the topic you are discussing and signals that they should send visitors to your website who are seeking information on such topics.

Secondly, it attracts new visitors to your website who are seeking information you are publishing (i.e., new customers).

The concept is simple. Plant seeds, reap harvest, repeat.

The hard part is overcoming the many excuses we pile on to avoid getting started:

  • I don’t know what to write
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I don’t know if I can do it consistently
  • My writing isn’t good enough
  • What if no one reads it
  • I don’t know how long / much to write
  • Blogging is useless
  • I am a private person
  • I don’t what my competitors to know what I know

Let’s call these what they are: excuses. I have a solution to overcome each one of these, if you’d like to discuss them, click on the link(s) below.

The secret to getting ahead is to get started.

About the Daily Marketing Minute

The Daily Marketing Minute is my project for the last quarter of 2014. Each day, I will deliver bite-sized, fat-free nuggets of sales and marketing insights.

In an increasingly noisy sales and marketing world, it is easy to lose track of why you do what you do. Ultimately, I believe that relationships will transcend the daily grind we face in sales and marketing. Every day, I’ll share insights and tips to grow your business and connect with your customers in a better (and more human) way.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me.


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