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Once a year or so — usually around this time — I feel internally challenged to step up my writing, better my consulting, and improve my marketing strategy.

Last year I launched Daily Marketing Minute, a 90-day personal challenge that was opened to the public.

[bctt tweet “Better marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all.”]

This year, I’m fascinated with an aspect of true marketing: ads that people share.

Regular people. Sharing ads.

Now that’s marketing.

What does it take to create an advertisement that delivers so much value that consumers are eager to share their experience with others?

There are examples, here, here, here, here, and here. Those are the popular ones. But there are countless others that are shared on a daily basis; reinforcing the idea that good ideas spread.

Great marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all.

  • In a world of noise, better marketing stands out
  • In a world of decreasing budgets and increased costs, better marketing means dollars and cents
  • In a world of adblockers, better marketing gets shared organically
  • In a world of mis-information, better marketing means informed consumers
  • In a world of cut-throat competitive tactics, better marketing means shorter sales cycles and higher transaction

As marketers, let’s can do better.

As we begin to reflect on this year, and look with expectation of the next, let’s all challenge ourselves to market ourselves better.

Market with meaning.

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