Social Selling

The Best Social Media Platform For Promotion is….

Which social media platform is best for promotion?

…all of them.

Or none of them.

Frankly, this popular question is only one-half of the right question.

A better question is Which social media platform is my audience on?

Marketing to teens on LinkedIn is likely to result in failure. Teens aren’t flocking to LinkedIn. Similarly, marketing to the VP of Sales of Ginormous Corp on SnapChat will result in a goose egg.

Asking only half of the question is like asking, “which car is best for driving?” Well, it depends on what you need to haul, how fast you want to drive, how many cup holders or DVD players you want, where do you want to drive?

Don’t just seek out the best social media platform to promote on. Seek out the platform where your audience wants to form a relationship with you.

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