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Amazing Customer Interactions

We have the opportunity to create memorable, shareable moments through our customer interactions.

Sometimes called ‘transactional messages’, some customer interactions are often relegated to the bottom of the To Do list. Think reminder notices, policies, receipts, or the check out process.

The internet has shrunk the world, leading to – among other things – a lot of bland, sameness interactions. We leave some default settings simply because they are the default, not because they serve a purpose.

When I ran my coffee shop, we made it a habit to walk from the front sidewalk to the back door by the dumpster. We made note of how a first time customer would view everything from the clutter on the counter to the inside of the bathroom. Did the process make sense? Was the expectation clear? Was our personality shining through?

Some real world businesses have embraced the Instagram influencer economy by creating photo-friendly backdrops, eye catching displays, and branded hashtags. Why? Because they are leveraging their customer interactions.

We can extend this real world example into the digital world: does your brand’s personality shine through your website? Reminder texts? Social media responses? 

Are you using the language of your customers? Not just English, French, or Rotokas, but, “Hey Momma”, “Fashionista”, or “angler”. Referring to your newsletter reader as a “Cupcake connoisseur” feels different than “Subscriber.”

Are you creating customer interactions so amazing that your customers are inspired to share them?

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