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The Blog

My blog is my most-often updated resource. It is filled with step-by-step tutorials and how-to posts. I try to share 2-3 new posts each week, all geared toward helping you launch and grow your business. Check it out…


Consulting is my favorite aspect of this business. Having an experienced, successful entrepreneur give objective, actionable insights is crucial for growth. Take a look at my consulting package…


While I love one-on-one consulting, courses allow me to reach more people and go in-depth on topics like branding, social media marketing, and tools like WordPress. Check out my courses…

My Story

My story starts in a Costco Wholesale warehouse – back when they had an entire aisle dedicated to computer software.

At age 12, one particular software title caught my eye. Now, keep in mind, this was back when software was still sold in boxes sealed in cling film. I picked it up and ran to show my dad.

“Look!” I exclaimed. “I can use this to design websites!”

After some convincing (and begging), he acquiesced and purchased the-then cutting-edge technology.

The software was Microsoft FrontPage and the year was 1995.

– – –

As soon as I got home, I started building basic websites using my new digital toy. Not long after, I was designing and coding websites for everyone I knew in church, friends, and family.

One entrepreneurial uncle said, “This is really good! You should start charging people for these.”

(He gave this advice, of course, after I had completed his business’ website.)

Thus launched my first website design company. I began building a network of small business owners in my town, attending Chamber of Commerce meet and greets, After Hours and Connect Over Coffee events.

My little business began to flourish.

Things got interesting when a startup company called Google showed up. Suddenly, they changed how people searched for information on the web. Of course, now everyone wanted to know how to become, “Number one in Google.”

A new service was born.

This allowed me to combine both website design and search engine optimization – saving my clients big money since they were only hiring one expert rather than a team of folks trying to figure it out.

– – –

Fast forward a few more years – and many clients later. Social media was beginning to catch the attention of business owners (some of whom were still trying to catch up to the SEO wave).

Companies like MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook were radically changing how people connected with each other — and with brands.

It quickly became evident that social media gave a huge boost to search engine optimization. Similarly, a well-designed website performed better both on social media and in the search results.

At the same time, I became fascinated with the art of sales. Specifically, how traditional sales methods were (or, most often were not) transferring to the online world.

Armed with knowledge and passion, I rebranded to an inbound marketing firm. One that incorporated website design, search engine optimization, social media, and sales practices to build profitable systems for my clients.

As the company grew, I spoke with a lot of passionate people who were stuck in a never-ending rut of working in their business.

Instead of growing their business, they were stuck in the weeds.

I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who started their business because they love running a business.

No, we start businesses because we want to effect change.

– – –

While much has changed in the industry, my passion has stayed the same: help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

I do this by teaching the process of attracting more visitors, converting sales leads, and nurturing customers. I also share what I learn about productivity and scaling — a system.

I’ve been blessed to have now helped hundreds of business operators around the world build their brand online.

I am so glad you’re here. I hope you find my site helpful.

If you think I can help you get un-stuck, drop me a note. I’d love to connect.

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