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About Blogging for Digital Marketing Agencies

I was asked, “Why do you think it is really worth it the write a blog in a digital marketing agency

Others have addressed some of the reasons blogging for business is good, overall. Specific to a digital marketing agency, I think it serves a few purposes:

  1. Practice what you preach
  2. It is highly effective
  3. Gives you a playground

I find it incredibly disheartening when an “expert” proclaims one thing and seems to do the opposite, or at least something very different. As a digital marketing agency, you should be utilizing the best practices of the industry, and experimenting to find your own (Point #3, above). If an agency can articulate why blogging doesn’t work, then don’t do it. But have something that backs it up.

To those who say blogging is overrated because there are so many other blogs out there – you’re completely missing the objective of the blog. It should be to add context and signal, not contributing to the noise. Ford and GM don’t stop making cars because there are already a lot of cars. They engineer other reasons to get a new car and maintain demand.

As experts, as you should be if you’re running a digital marketing company, you shouldn’t be creating artificial demand, but you should be contributing your knowledge and showing your clients how intentional, high-quality content can attract the right audience.

Blogging is merely the vehicle in which to reach the people who are looking for an answer to their problem. You can call it whatever you want, but content – original, high-quality, consistent content – continues its 20+ year reign of the most effective way of maintaining a strong search engine presence.

Lastly, having your own playground to experiment and try new things is very fun, insightful, and educational for your own business. When you can take those lessons learned and share them with your clients, you become an asset or ally to them, not a vendor. Any smart monkey can regurgitate what they read on some industry site, but when you have actual, first-hand experience with what you’re selling your clients, you will build a much deeper, more meaningful relationship built on trust.

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