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How you position yourself dramatically influences how your customer feels throughout the engagement

Think of the last pushy salesperson you experienced. 

How did they make you feel?

It probably ruined much of the buying process for you. If you’re like me, anxiety creeps in, you abandon your desire for the item, and you just want it to be over.

Now think of the last advisor you experienced.  You probably return to them for insight, look forward to your time with them, and trusted their words.

In sales and marketing, we can choose to be a sales vendor or a trusted advisor.

A vendor pushes their solution upon the client’s problem. An advisor listens to the needs of the client and offers a tailored solution.

An advisor is a thoughtful listener, a sounding board, and a guide.

From wedding cakes to websites, from beer to balayage, you have the opportunity to position yourself as a trusted advisor.

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