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A Reason For Thanks this Thanksgiving

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There is far more to be thankful for this year than in years past. Personally, I find Thanksgiving to be a “reset”, a time to come together with loved ones after the adventures of summer. Wedding season is over, summer vacations are over, school is back in session, new chapters have begun, and seasons have changed.

While there is much angst and turmoil around us, we must not lose sight of the bright spots, the positive, and the supportive. There is much to be thankful for this year.

To reset our focus, I’ve compiled a list of things we as leaders and business owners can do to put the spotlight back on the good around us.

1. Show Support In Your Community

November is the perfect time to give thanks for your local community. This can be demonstrated through volunteering, organizing community events, partnering with non-profits, or donating your excess to those in need.

2. Give Thanks for your Customers

Consider a customer appreciation day, social media giveaway, customer highlight, or random drawings. If you have a physical location, display why you are thankful for your customer base this year. Share this on your social media pages, post it on your website, or mail it using the good ol’ postal service.

3. Recognize Your Employees

Our teams do more than keep our businesses running smoothly, without them, we would be lost. Highlight your employees and express your gratitude for them.

4. Value Your Vendors

When I worked in the specialty coffee industry, a few vendors went above and beyond – regularly – to make their customers’ lives easier. From last-minute deliveries to rotating stock, vendors who value their customers develop stronger bonds than those who fill the order. Show how you value and appreciate your vendors for all they do.

5. Mention Your Mentors

I would not be where I am in business today without some key mentors – some saw something decades ago and stuck with me. For that, I am eternally grateful. How can you show appreciation for those who have mentored you?

In closing

Showing your gratitude does not need to be a burden. Make a short list of those you are thankful for this year, it may be a group of people (employees, partners, friends, vendors, customers) or it may be one or two (a mentor, a confidant, or advisory board). If you’re limited on time, funds, or resources, consider a hand-written Thank You card. If that is too much, send them an email or Direct Message.

Don’t let the medium get in the way of the message. Share your thankfulness.

I am thankful for you, dear reader.

All the best,


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