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5 Quick Wins for Brand Leaders on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social hub for B2B networking. In fact, it is the number one source for referral traffic to the Never Mind Marketing site.

So how can you use your LinkedIn profile to attract new visitors, close more sales, and build deeper professional relationships?

Look at these five LinkedIn tips that you can tackle before lunch:

1. Profile Picture

Shaun Nestor LinkedIn Profile

Members with a profile picture get 14x the number of views. Have a crisp, clean headshot that shows the real you — not some posed, awkward, fake smile. People want the real you and, as humans, we are able to detect deceptive smiles in an instant.

2. Accurate Headline

Use a headline (another name for your job title) that accurately explains what you do. Nondescript and vague job titles will never get you recognized. Also, don’t try to be overly creative by using “ninja“, “guru”, etc. Be real.

3. Storytelling Summary

Shaun Nestor LinkedIn Profile Summary

Profiles with summaries get 10x more views than those that don’t. Connect with your viewer by sharing a warm summary of who you are, what you are looking for, how you can help, etc. This is your introduction. Be personal and write in the first person.

4. Recommendations & Endorsements

Shaun Nestor LinkedIn Skills

Always show recommendations and endorsements from business contacts, partners, and past customers. These are powerful referrals when a visitor is checking you out for the first time.

5. Connect In Groups

Groups are an extremely powerful way to meet and connect with like-minded individuals. It is easy to be attracted to groups that appeal to us, however, if your mission is to grow your business and attract new customers, seek out where your ideal customer personas hang out and join those groups, as well.

People connect with humans, not resources. Show off your professional, yet human, side on LinkedIn. It will drive referrals, give you credibility, and attract new business.

Are you getting the most from LinkedIn?

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