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30 Marketing Ideas for the Modern Marketer

Sometimes it is hard to keep the creative juices flowing. With all the tasks vying for our attention, plus fighting social sharing overload, it is difficult to maintain “freshness” in our marketing.

Here are 30 ideas that you can use in your next marketing campaign to mix things up.

Remember to track the results; if we can track it, we can improve it!

Here are 30 inspirational marketing ideas for the modern marketer

  1. Pick a quote from an older blog post and link to it on Twitter / Facebook
  2. Make a previous quote into an inspirational graphic and share
  3. Combine 4-5 blog posts into an ebook to make a downloadable offer
  4. Create a new blog posts consisting of inspirational tweets or quotes from leaders within your industry
  5. Create an infographic outlining what a prospect needs to know to make an informed decision about your industry
  6. Showcase and share an employee’s story
  7. Showcase and share a customer’s story
  8. Publicly thank a partner company
  9. Visually simplify a complex process or system that may overwhelm your next customer
  10. Connect with 4-5 partner companies and endorse them publicly
  11. Create a 5-day email course to generate new sales leads
  12. Host a free webinar to attract prospects and close leads
  13. Host a challenge with a partner brand to raise awareness for a local charity
  14. Tackle the top 5 questions your sales team hear and answer them on your website
  15. Choose one topic per month to dive into on your blog
  16. Host a Blab, Periscope, or Meerkat episode with your CEO
  17. Host a digital customer appreciation event
  18. Surprise unsuspecting customers with swag
  19. Host a Live AMA “Ask Me Anything”
  20. Answer questions relating to your industry on Q&A sites like Quora, Clarity, or MosaicHub
  21. Write recommendations on industry partner’s LinkedIn profiles
  22. Write an article for LinkedIn Pulse
  23. Host a video / photo / “caption this” contest or sweepstakes
  24. Ensure all of your past content has strong visual pieces, then share those on sites like Pinterest and Instagram
  25. Create templates for your customers or prospects to use freely
  26. Publish a non-biased, side-by-side product comparison resource
  27. Create an Slideshare presentation covering your popular blog topics
  28. Guest publish on complementary websites
  29. Start a podcast
  30. Discuss / Review / Cover upcoming industry conferences or tradeshows

Bonus: Don’t forget, pre-scheduling your social media updates can save an incredible amount of time! Use a tool like HootSuite, Buffer, or HubSpot to leverage your time and schedule posts in advance.

In the comments, publicly commit to one or two of the marketing ideas listed above. Be sure to share your brand’s social media link or website so I can check it out!

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