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23 Industries That Are Ripe For Growth with Content Marketing

Sometimes I wish I were in a different industry.


It’s not that I dislike marketing — just the opposite, actually.

[bctt tweet “With inbound marketing, there is so much potential to out-maneuver your competition. Are you?”]

But I’d really love to apply what I know about content and inbound marketing to promote my new business in another industry.

There is so much potential for brands to outmaneuver their competition and dominate their industry if inbound marketing strategies are applied.

Off the top of my head, I can think of 23 industries that could attract more customers, generate more revenue, and increase lifetime value of customers:

1. Beauty & Makeup
2. At-Home Health & Fitness
3. Gyms and Athletic Clubs
4. Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals
5. Fashion, Style, and Clothing
6. Wedding Photographers
7. Consultants (of any industry)
8. Website Design
9. Interior Design
10. Home Improvement
11. Landscaping
12. Non-Profit Groups
13. Event & Wedding Coordinators
14. Accountants
15. Farm & Garden
16. Financial Advisors
17. Moving & Relocation
18. Music Lessons (any lessons, really)
19. Cooking & Culinary
20. Travel & Vacation
21. Logistic Specialists
22. Writers
23. Relationship & Dating

Your Content Marketing Strategy Outline

  • Identify who you want to reach
    • Be specific
    • Where do they hang out online?
    • Where do they get their information?
  • Identify what problem they are trying to solve
    • Be specific
    • What happens if they don’t solve this problem? What is at risk?
    • What are they willing to do to solve this problem?
  • Educate them towards a solution
    • Write a blog post each week
    • Share excerpts and quotes from your blog on social media
  • Offer to help them accomplish the solution
    • Be helpful and answer questions they’re asking
    • Meet them where they are: use language they understand, use resources they are comfortable with
    • Aim to be a trusted advisor, not a vendor
  • Sell them your product or service that solves their problem

If you are in any of these industries and would like to attract more visitors, close more sales, increase customer lifetime value, and generate more revenue, take a hard look at inbound and content marketing.

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