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Here it goes, advice I charge companies $10,000 to receive – available to you for free.

How do I rank #1 in search engines like Google or Bing?

How do I attract more website visitors?

How do I convert more visitors to leads?

How to I show up for more than just one keyword in search engines?

How do I demonstrate authority and expertise within my industry?

How do I attract more interest from news organizations and media outlets?

How do I demand top-dollar for my products or services?

How do I get more fans on Facebook or more followers on Twitter?

How do I combat negative reviews?

How do I create and empower brand advocates?

How do I add more people to my email list?

How do I get more links to my website?

How do I attract more local visitors?

How do I know what my customers want?

The answer to all of these questions: blog.

Blog regularly. Blog authoritatively. Blog passionately.

Blog about your customers, their pain points, and how you help them. Blog about questions you are asked on a daily basis. Blog with the intention of educating a buyer – not selling to them.

Your authenticity will shine through and become the solution to each of the questions above.


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