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Beyond the Badge

Hey there,

I’m Shaun, and I’ve been where you are—a first responder in the thick of it, navigating unique challenges, and accumulating a wealth of skills in the process.

That’s why I started Beyond the Badge.

I’m reaching out to fellow officers and first responders because I genuinely believe your skills, experience, and expertise are invaluable and needed beyond the confines of your daily duties.

Think about it—from negotiation and communication to handling critical incidents, you’ve got a skill set that’s practically tailor-made for business success. You might not have considered it, but you could turn what you already know into a profitable and sustainable side gig or retirement business.

What is Beyond the Badge all about?

It’s about witnessing people just like you transform their lives by sharing their expertise in:

  • Leadership, Communication, and Negotiation
  • Hiring and Promotion Best Practices
  • Defensive Tactics & Personal Safety
  • Crisis Response and Intervention
  • Security & Location Hardening
  • Defensive Driving

and more!

Why focus on police and first responders? Well, this job has exposed you to unique situations that require quick thinking, adaptability, and a logical approach to the illogical. Plus, your background in law enforcement instantly lends credibility within the private sector.

Have you ever thought about how your ability to connect with just about anyone could be a sought-after skill? Whether you realize it or not, you possess traits and training that are in high demand.

Beyond the Badge was created to help you turn your skills, experience, and expertise into a thriving business.

The Beyond the Badge Cohort—an 8-week program designed specifically for police and first responders like you, ready to step into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s not your average program—it’s intense, hands-on, and requires accountability, commitment, and a bit of an investment. But trust me, it’s worth it.

We’ll dive deep into identifying your ideal customer, developing your product, tackling common obstacles, setting the right price, and creating a launch plan. By the end of the cohort, you will have launched and earned your first entrepreneurial dollars. You’ll be guided and encouraged every step of the way and have something to be proud of in the end.

Space is limited. I only offer this opportunity three times a year and the number of participants is capped.

Don’t miss out on the chance to leverage your knowledge and experience for a business that’s not only profitable but also personally fulfilling.

Ready to take the leap? Let’s do this.

– Shaun Nestor
Founder, Beyond the Badge

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